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Transformers Island - Transformers Toys and Collectibles

Welcome to TransformersIsland.com! I am based in the UK and have been selling transformers and other collectibles on Ebay for over 10 years and now I have decided to open my own shop. I stock a wide range of Transformers figures from various generations including G1, Movie and Armada. Take a look and see if you can identify Transformers you would like to buy! I regularly add more items for sale so please check back often. Thanks for visiting.
Items for Sale
Transformers Movie Smokescreen COMPLETE - RR25
Buy    £12.99
Transformers RID 2015 Minicons Divebomb Dragonus - PP59
Buy    £8.99
Transformers Movie Longarm COMPLETE - RR4
Buy    £10.99
Transformers Movie AOE Power Attacker Scorn - OO15
Buy    £11.99
Transformers G1 Insecticon Bombshell COMPLETE - C26
Buy    £12.99
Transformers G1 Headmaster Scorponok radar dish antenna - S17
Buy    £8.99
Transformers RID Spychangers Hot Shot and Sideburn - JJ46
Buy    £7.99
Transformers Movie DOTM Leader Ironhide - RR57
Buy    £49.99
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